Here are a few typographic tips for your resume, in print or on screen:

1.Use good fonts well and win at life.

2.Grids and stylesheets are for champions.

3.Real small caps make everything better.

4.Use en dashes when indicating dates, ftw.

5.Use smart quotes, get rich and famous.

6.Keep it classy with ligatures and OpenType.

7.Nerd out: typography on the web matters.

Ima De Signer

A4 Fibonacci St.

Golden Section, NY 11618



June – August 2015 Internship
Really Cool Design Studio, Ampersand, NY

Assisted Creative Director with concept development, branding research and caffeination level maintenance

2012 – 2014 Assistant to the Regional Manager
ZZZSolutions, Mundane, NY

Mindless office monkey duties include phone answering, paper shredding, nap resisting


2012 – present University of Unicorns
Double Rainbows, NY

Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art
Anticipated Holy Crap Date: May 2016

2014 – 2015 Université des Bérets
Le Pain-au-Beurre, France

One year study abroad experience, emphasis on fine art and hostel fleas


Strong proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Updates

Reckless intermediate in HTML5, CSS, PHP, GIT, FTP, WTF

Studio photography experience

Expert cartwheeler

Awards and Activities

January 2015 Best in Show,” Kick Ass Student Awards, OutofBusiness Magazine

2013 – present Treasurer, Student Design Club, University of Unicorns